Add Sheep Wrangler as My Title?

It has been a hectic week on the farm. Robbie is fully determined to get “close” to every girl on the pasture. He has rammed his way through several gates, shattering fence posts as he goes. He made his first great escape when it was -35 windchill in the middle of the night. Really Robillard?

Two days ago, he managed to ram his way out again, and he and his girls for season Ginafae and Jerlys made their way into the fence dog yard adjacent our front pasture where the other ewes were. He completely destroyed the fence there releasing ALL the ewes and wethers. It was ABSOLUTE chaos in the slippery snowy dog yard. Sheep running every directions and the three most inexperienced herders (myself included) trying to keep Robbie away from the girls and round them all up into temporary shelter in the barn. I haven’t laughed that much in awhile. I was exhausted.

But today was a different story. With new electric fencing containing (fingers crossed) Robbie, all was back to the normal peaceful flow for the rest of the herd. Our temperature is finally rising and the snow and ice are melting quickly. It makes for an icy drive and foggy pasture. But it’s so beautiful. I just love this place and these sheep.



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