On Its Way!

Today I packaged and shipped for processing the black and brown lambs wool


and the latest shearing from Irri and Daenarys, our two white ewes.WP_20140316_037

I hope to have them back in time for our very first fiber fest as vendors in May at the Upper Valley Fiber Fest! I am so excited about the fest and getting to meet some wonderful fiber folks! 🙂



Brown is back!

I wasn’t expecting to have brown in the shop again until next month but was really to happy to see it arrive from OVNF. 🙂  This brown is from Clodae and Cersei, and is a beautiful medium brown with light gray streak throughout.


White is now available in the shop!


I am so excited to have white in the shop!  We sold out of the girls’ lambs wool roving very quickly.  This is their second shearing and I honestly can’t feel much difference between it and their lambs roving. It’s incredibly soft! Just wonderful!

IMG_3009IMG_2995Irri and Daenarys

First Shearing of the Year

We sheared the first third of the flock today including the yearlings. This is the first shearing in which I have had hands on participation and there was an air of energy and excitement in the barn before we began. The yearlings were nervous, they could tell something was going on.

Irri and Daenarys were first and then we moved quickly through the yearlings. I have so much respect for the shearer. Back-breaking work!


I skirted the fleeces afterward. It was definitely a cold, windy day for the outdoor work but I really enjoyed it. And my daughter helping me made it just wonderful!

How beautiful are these fleeces? WP_20140316_035WP_20140316_038

She worked so hard and was so eager to learn everything about the process from sheep wrangling to shearing to skirting. Now we just need to get it all to the mill. It will be wonderful to have the brown and black lambs wool in the shop.

So, this was delivered today!



A big ‘ol box full of Irri and Daenarys’ white wool! It came out so clean and super soft!  Also delivered was moorit (brown) from Clodae and Cersei and more light gray from Ghenni and Bidderdoo which is every bit as beautiful as our last batch of roving.  It’s really interesting to see the difference in the color. It’s not drastic but I can tell a shade difference.

So excited to get the new rovings listed in the shop!

Rough February at the Homestead

Our entire family came down with the flu last month! One after another we dropped, some only had a brush with the illness but the rest of us, including me, went down hard. I still have this nagging cough and it’s been nearly 30 days. Reminder to self, next year get the flu shot!

All is well with sheep and lambs, though. Everyone has made it through this terribly bitter cold winter and seem very happy to have warmer weather and soft grass, even if it’s brown, under hoof. I am sure Clodae won’t miss the cold snow.  WP_20140212_015[1]


But, it wasn’t all bad. We had lots of great sledding even some with sheep 🙂 And Cricket Manor is so beautiful covered in snow.



That said, I am SO ready for Spring!