Abby’s Explanation is Wonderful

Thank you, L, for your suggestion. I re-searched for Abby’s video and found these. I don’t how I missed them in all my searching. 🙂


Quick Question For Spinners

Do you pre-draft? Did you pre-draft when you began spinning? Should I avoid pre-draft and just learn to draft as I spin? I ask because my very first attempt with the drop spindle was SUPER fat. I didn’t know that I could/should divide my roving. My more recent and more successful attempts are generating very thin yarn. I did pre-draft but am wondering if maybe I divided the roving too much. And, I am thinking my fat-thin-fat issue is from over-drafting in areas.



Any advice would be most appreciated! 🙂


I Think I’m Doing This Right…maybe

WP_20140527_16_05_25_Pro[1]My very first attempt was SUPER fat. I figured out that I was not drafting properly. So, this is the second attempt. I think I am still starting with too much fiber. This seems so fat for a single. Yes? 🙂 Third time I will go with half of this amount, see what i get.

The good news is I am learning and my drop spindle technique has improved. Also, I can now say with confidence that most of the VM spins out of our dark chocolate roving from Jerlys. And it really is so soft!


Some Quick Baby Pics!

I have GOT to get a better camera with zoom!

Daenarys wanted nothing to do with sharing D1, her spotted ram, with me. She is such an attentive and doting mom. Don’t you love his white socks on his rear legs? His daddy, Acaelas has those exact same socks!


This is Jerlys’ third set of twins. She is more relaxed with this set but still very protective and not too interesting in letting me get close to Maris, her ewe and J4, her little brown ram. We’ve been calling him Robbie Jr because he looks and acts so much like his dad, Robillard.


I will try to get better pictures and soon but wanted to share these babies asap! 🙂