Quick! Post Before I Fall Asleep!

Today was our first fiber fest ever, the Upper Valley Fiber Fest. Everyone was so welcoming. I have never met so many warm and wonderful people in one place! I so enjoyed meeting every new person and getting to talk about what I love and learning about what makes them love fiber. There were a great mix of vendors ranging for jewelry to hand-made paper to the most beautifully dyed fiber and crafted pieces.

Gaylen and Dehvi were the unofficial greeters and were BIG hit with the children and adults. I really enjoyed hearing all the praises they got, they were good boys and handled all the busyness well. I so hope we can find them their new forever homes.

Ok, I have to get some sleep! Thanks so much to everyone who made the fest possible and those who made it so wonderful for us!




2 thoughts on “Quick! Post Before I Fall Asleep!

  1. I’m glad to read that you were able to make the fest and that it was fun. I’m going to have to look into that festival!

    • I am hoping to make it to the Autumn fest in Ashland in October and the Mid-Ohio one in Newark in August. The Upper Valley fest was small and just perfect for an inexperienced vendor. 😉

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