Some Quick Baby Pics!

I have GOT to get a better camera with zoom!

Daenarys wanted nothing to do with sharing D1, her spotted ram, with me. She is such an attentive and doting mom. Don’t you love his white socks on his rear legs? His daddy, Acaelas has those exact same socks!


This is Jerlys’ third set of twins. She is more relaxed with this set but still very protective and not too interesting in letting me get close to Maris, her ewe and J4, her little brown ram. We’ve been calling him Robbie Jr because he looks and acts so much like his dad, Robillard.


I will try to get better pictures and soon but wanted to share these babies asap! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Some Quick Baby Pics!

  1. So beautiful! They look so happy in all the fresh green grass. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us!

    • I will keep trying to get closer pictures. Late in the day, they run around and play with each other. They are just wonderful! D1 is the cutest lamb I’ve ever seen! It must be the spots

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