Jeryls’ Twins!

Jeryls gave birth to twins again this year. This is her third set of twins on our farm. Her first babies,Daenarys and her brother, were both white.  Last year we welcomed the identical black rams, Jarl and Jorsin.

This year, she had a ram, J4 (aka Robbie Jr who looks exactly like his dad Robillard) and a ewe, (her mini-me), Maris. They were born nearly two weeks before Daenarys gave birth. The babies are so much fun to watch. They chase each other all around the pasture and climb and sit/stand on Jeryls and the other ewes.



2 thoughts on “Jeryls’ Twins!

  1. All your lamb pictures in this post and the previous one are so good! I’ve never seen Icelandic lambs in person, so this especially helps me appreciate the wool I’m spinning. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us. 🙂

    • 🙂 I am so glad you enjoy them! I do have black lamb’s wool available, just haven’t put it in the shop. It’s beautiful stuff!

      I will try to get some video of them playing this weekend. We are suppose to have some sunny days…finally!

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