About Cricket Manor

Since 1978, my mother-in-law has followed her life long dream and building, with her own two hands, the most beautiful place I have ever seen: Cricket Manor. Every structure that stands on this land, she built herself. Her home is constructed from 100-year-old barns she disassembled herself and hauled to the land. Each day that I drive up the long path to the farm, I am amazed at what she has created.

For four years now, Cricket Manor has been home to a small flock of beautiful Icelandic sheep, grazing peacefully in the farm meadows, along with Codswallop, our Shetland ram. Now, he was added based on sheer cuteness — trust me, it is impossible to resist his charms!

My sister-in-law, Erika, is the shepherdess, managing our herd, lambing in the springtime, and carefully growing the flock. My husband, daughters, and I are the helpers – we do whatever we can to help on the farm and I handle the post-shearing end of things.Over the years, I have developed a real love for Cricket Manor,being on the land and with these wonderful Icelandic sheep. They are just as much family to me as our family.

Cricket Manor Wool is our way of sharing our world with you. When you spin our Icelandic and Shetland roving, you can know it comes from sheep who are loved, respected, and known by name. And together, we have created a family business that will be here for generations to come — right along with the Icelandics who call our farm home.







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