Look Who Made the Troy Tribune :)

UntitledThis is coverage of our local fiber fest, the very first one we have attended. ūüôā


I Think I’m Doing This Right…maybe

WP_20140527_16_05_25_Pro[1]My very first attempt was SUPER fat. I figured out that I was not drafting properly. So, this is the second attempt. I think I am still starting with too much fiber. This seems so fat for a single. Yes? ūüôā¬†Third time I will go with half of this amount, see what i get.

The good news is I am learning and my drop spindle technique has improved. Also, I can now say with confidence that most of the VM spins out of our dark chocolate roving from Jerlys. And it really is so soft!


Some Quick Baby Pics!

I have GOT to get a better camera with zoom!

Daenarys wanted nothing to do with sharing D1, her spotted ram, with me. She is such an attentive and doting mom. Don’t you love his white socks on his rear legs? His daddy, Acaelas¬†has those exact same socks!


This is Jerlys’ third set of twins. She is more relaxed with this set but still very protective and not too interesting in letting me get close to Maris, her ewe and J4, her little brown ram. We’ve been calling him Robbie Jr because he looks and acts so much like his dad, Robillard.


I will try to get better pictures and soon but wanted to share these babies asap! ūüôā

Quick! Post Before I Fall Asleep!

Today was our first fiber fest ever, the Upper Valley Fiber Fest. Everyone was so welcoming. I have never met so many warm and wonderful people in one place! I so enjoyed meeting every new person and getting to talk about what I love and learning about what makes them love fiber. There were a great mix of vendors ranging for jewelry to hand-made paper to the most beautifully dyed fiber and crafted pieces.

Gaylen and Dehvi were the unofficial greeters and were BIG hit with the children and adults. I really enjoyed hearing all the praises they got, they were good boys and handled all the busyness well. I so hope we can find them their new forever homes.

Ok, I have to get some sleep! Thanks so much to everyone who made the fest possible and those who made it so wonderful for us!



Good News…and Bad News

We have babies! Jeryls gave birth to twins, a black ewe and morrit ram, last weekend. And, just today, Daenerys gave birth to one spotted ram! All are healthy and strong and running around the pasture with their moms.

The bad news is I have been very ill and can’t get to the farm to take pictures. So bummed. Hoping to be better by the weekend for the Upper Valley Fiber Fest¬†. A friend has offered to cover my booth if I am not well but I am hopeful that I will be able to make it.

I will post picture ASAP!

2nd Shearing of the Season and 1st Fiber Fest Info!

We had our second shearing Sunday, April 13th. Erika had rounded up Ghenni, Cersei, Clodae, Bidderdoo, and Codswallop into the barn for their turn with the shearer.¬†WP_20140413_14_44_44_Pro¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†And, one by one their beautiful woolly coats came off.¬†WP_20140413_15_17_30_ProWP_20140413_14_52_48_ProI am so amazed by Ghenni’s coat. She has such a lovely cream wool on the outside but she’s covered in spots underneath!¬†WP_20140413_15_51_58_ProWe, once again, have some beautiful fleeces to send to the mill but I will wait until after the Upper Valley Fiber Fest May 17th to ship them. I plan to bring one or two¬†with me to show everyone how wonderful they are in the raw.¬†WP_20140413_15_58_20_Pro WP_20140413_16_30_17_Pro WP_20140413_16_28_21_ProOh, and a couple of these guys are coming to the Fest, too! Hoping to find new forever homes for them to mow and provide wonderful Icelandic fiber. They are super sweet boys and they deserve it!WP_20140413_16_33_22_Pro