2nd Shearing of the Season and 1st Fiber Fest Info!

We had our second shearing Sunday, April 13th. Erika had rounded up Ghenni, Cersei, Clodae, Bidderdoo, and Codswallop into the barn for their turn with the shearer. WP_20140413_14_44_44_Pro                                   And, one by one their beautiful woolly coats came off. WP_20140413_15_17_30_ProWP_20140413_14_52_48_ProI am so amazed by Ghenni’s coat. She has such a lovely cream wool on the outside but she’s covered in spots underneath! WP_20140413_15_51_58_ProWe, once again, have some beautiful fleeces to send to the mill but I will wait until after the Upper Valley Fiber Fest May 17th to ship them. I plan to bring one or two with me to show everyone how wonderful they are in the raw. WP_20140413_15_58_20_Pro WP_20140413_16_30_17_Pro WP_20140413_16_28_21_ProOh, and a couple of these guys are coming to the Fest, too! Hoping to find new forever homes for them to mow and provide wonderful Icelandic fiber. They are super sweet boys and they deserve it!WP_20140413_16_33_22_Pro


On Its Way!

Today I packaged and shipped for processing the black and brown lambs wool


and the latest shearing from Irri and Daenarys, our two white ewes.WP_20140316_037

I hope to have them back in time for our very first fiber fest as vendors in May at the Upper Valley Fiber Fest! I am so excited about the fest and getting to meet some wonderful fiber folks! 🙂


Brown is back!

I wasn’t expecting to have brown in the shop again until next month but was really to happy to see it arrive from OVNF. 🙂  This brown is from Clodae and Cersei, and is a beautiful medium brown with light gray streak throughout.


White is now available in the shop!


I am so excited to have white in the shop!  We sold out of the girls’ lambs wool roving very quickly.  This is their second shearing and I honestly can’t feel much difference between it and their lambs roving. It’s incredibly soft! Just wonderful!

IMG_3009IMG_2995Irri and Daenarys

First Shearing of the Year

We sheared the first third of the flock today including the yearlings. This is the first shearing in which I have had hands on participation and there was an air of energy and excitement in the barn before we began. The yearlings were nervous, they could tell something was going on.

Irri and Daenarys were first and then we moved quickly through the yearlings. I have so much respect for the shearer. Back-breaking work!


I skirted the fleeces afterward. It was definitely a cold, windy day for the outdoor work but I really enjoyed it. And my daughter helping me made it just wonderful!

How beautiful are these fleeces? WP_20140316_035WP_20140316_038

She worked so hard and was so eager to learn everything about the process from sheep wrangling to shearing to skirting. Now we just need to get it all to the mill. It will be wonderful to have the brown and black lambs wool in the shop.

So, this was delivered today!



A big ‘ol box full of Irri and Daenarys’ white wool! It came out so clean and super soft!  Also delivered was moorit (brown) from Clodae and Cersei and more light gray from Ghenni and Bidderdoo which is every bit as beautiful as our last batch of roving.  It’s really interesting to see the difference in the color. It’s not drastic but I can tell a shade difference.

So excited to get the new rovings listed in the shop!

The Process

I really enjoy the process of packaging and shipping our Icelandic and Shetland wool. I roll and package each roving personally and hand write each label and thank you.  


I think about to whom it’s going and what their thought will be when they first open and touch this amazing wool. I send it with the hopes that it will inspire them to make something wonderful and that they will love it as much as I love the sheep who grow it.