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Meet Daenerys’ Little Ram, D1

The moms and babies were temporarily brought into the barn for check ups. So, I finally got an opportunity to see the babies up close. D1 (for now) is such a cute and curious little ram. He is the first spotted baby born on the farm which makes him extra special. Daenerys is a wonderfully protective and attentive mom, just like her mom Jerlys.

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Brown is back!

I wasn’t expecting to have brown in the shop again until next month but was really to happy to see it arrive from OVNF. 🙂  This brown is from Clodae and Cersei, and is a beautiful medium brown with light gray streak throughout.


So, this was delivered today!



A big ‘ol box full of Irri and Daenarys’ white wool! It came out so clean and super soft!  Also delivered was moorit (brown) from Clodae and Cersei and more light gray from Ghenni and Bidderdoo which is every bit as beautiful as our last batch of roving.  It’s really interesting to see the difference in the color. It’s not drastic but I can tell a shade difference.

So excited to get the new rovings listed in the shop!