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the boys

Jeryls’ Twins!

Jeryls gave birth to twins again this year. This is her third set of twins on our farm. Her first babies,Daenarys and her brother, were both white.  Last year we welcomed the identical black rams, Jarl and Jorsin.

This year, she had a ram, J4 (aka Robbie Jr who looks exactly like his dad Robillard) and a ewe, (her mini-me), Maris. They were born nearly two weeks before Daenarys gave birth. The babies are so much fun to watch. They chase each other all around the pasture and climb and sit/stand on Jeryls and the other ewes.


Quick Question For Spinners

Do you pre-draft? Did you pre-draft when you began spinning? Should I avoid pre-draft and just learn to draft as I spin? I ask because my very first attempt with the drop spindle was SUPER fat. I didn’t know that I could/should divide my roving. My more recent and more successful attempts are generating very thin yarn. I did pre-draft but am wondering if maybe I divided the roving too much. And, I am thinking my fat-thin-fat issue is from over-drafting in areas.



Any advice would be most appreciated! 🙂