Our Registered Icelandic Herd


Acaelas the spotted ram added to the herd in 2012

Irri and Daenarys

Irri and Daenarys, our two white ewes. Both were born 03/2012 but are only half sisters


Ginafae is one of our founding ewes


Ghenni is our founding spotted ewe


Dehvi, born 03/2013 (wether)


Cersei, born 03/2012

Clodae, born 03/2013

the handsome Robbie

Robillard, the handsome morrit founding Ram

Sheep Available for purchase. Please contact us for more information 

JerlysJerlys, 3 years old and our founding black ewe $350

GaelanGaelan (wether), born 03/2013 to Ginafae and Robillard $75

Jarl and JorsinJarl & Jorsin (wether),born 03/2013 to Jerlys and Robillard $75 each

BidderdooBidderdoo(wether),3 yrs. $75


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